Monday, August 9, 2010

a new beginning

topshop silk jacket. urban outfitteres romper. amrita singh beaded necklace. boutique rings and bracelets.

So I've wanted to blog for a really long time, I just never got around to it what with school and internships yadda yadda. But here it is- I sincerely hope you enjoy this post and then many posts to come. feel free to drop any comments/suggestions.


Style of a Fashionista said...

Welcome to the blogging world and what an awesome set of pictures to start with that window is simply a perfect back drop for you gorgeous outfit xoxo

kerry, a fashion lover said...

hey love! i am your first follower!! welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! i love it, im sure you will too:) good luck with everything:)
thank you for finding and visiting my blog as well :)thanks for the comment!!! i am really lucky to have a wood near my house :)

i love your pics! beautiful photography and fabulous outfit!!!

much love :)



Style, She Wrote said...

Awesome outfit. You have great style... following. xo

Inspiration exists said...

Welcome to fashion blogging, hope you'll find it exciting and inspirational. You really make a statement with this pics, will be glad to visit me again soon.

sally said...

welcome! your legs go on for miles and miles and miles! amazing :))
come visit and follow too!

Constance said...


Josie said...

It's so exciting that you've just started blogging! And you have a knack for it already. I love your jewelry and your poses against the window are so cute!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Keep writing; yours is fab so far!
xo Josie

t said...

Cool jewelry. :)